Maloosak, Maloosak the artist is a contemporary artist. She has a strong personal expression in composition and colour, which affects the viewer in an enriching way. Maloosak came to Sweden at three and half years age and was raised in Västerbotten County. She was at an early stage interested in creating in various forms. She has always been a visual person where also dance, music and poetry have been a big part of her life. Maloosak has studied art history and photography. Between 1996 and 2003 she studied art and design and also took private lessons in art. It has had a big impact on Maloosak and she has reached out with her art in a successful way.

The media has written about Maloosak's art around the world because of its different ideas and creative ways to communicate and capture the audience. Maloosak plays with dimensions and goes into details. She creates feelings about her art and that has formed her into a very exciting artist. As an artist, she has had numerous exhibitions.

Maloosak's art has its own language and expresses itself with materials in new ways. Several countries have been and are interested in cooperation to show Maloosak's art, for example USA, Japan, England, etc. There was a lot of media attention for Maloosak's exhibition in Sweden and around the world around when she exhibited Security risk at Gallery Gummesons in 2003. Maloosak created art using airport security controls. She was the first in the world to do that.

Maloosak enriches, influences, and affects with her creations. She gladly combines her art with installations. Ideas, humour and seriousness are important qualities in her creations. The same theme to penetrate surfaces occurs constantly in her exhibitions but expression styles vary very much. Attention for spaces and what is behind them is great. Addressing society-oriented and political issues through her art has been important for Maloosak over the years.
Researching between environment and man with recycling creates Maloosak in a contemporary way.

Maloosak expresses herself ”Everything has a front and a backside and the tension is there between them.”


”Life's journey involves me deeply.

My work seeks to show that
and tries to penetrate the surface.

The art is to travel with an idea
which is then realised.”

Maloosak Represented in art gallery Sweden




2002-2003 Beckmans college of design, Stockholm, Sweden
2000-2001 ART SCHOOL, Stockholm, Sweden ART SCHOOL IN STOCKHOM, History of Art and Photography
1996-1999 College of design Umeå, Sweden
Private Lessions in art 2008-2010 Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


Some selection of work about artists exhibitions!

Upcoming New exhibitions 2025


Art installation Stockholm Sweden Exhibition to aug 2024.

Nordic Art, Stockholm
Exhibition Antique and Art fair

Konstgillet, Stockholm
Art Show,   Exhibition.

Art fair, Stockholm

Outdoor art installation stockholm Sweden Exhibition

Art installation stockholm Sweden
Exhibition 2019

Historiska museet, Stockholm Sweden
Afordable artfair, Stockholm Sweden
12-15 okt 2017

Solo Exhibition "Connectedness"
Friday, September 22, 2017 outside the History Museum in Sweden, the exhibition starts at 14:00, where unveiling and opening will also take place.
Outdoor art installation, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Special exhibition in a remodeled floor
20015  Solo Exhibition Sculpture  Galleri art room
2014 Galleri1, Skellefteå, Sweden
2013 Outdoor art installation, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Galleri B:fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 Galleri1, Skellefteå, Sweden
2007-2011 Ongoing Municipality Exhibition
2011 Special exhibition in a remodeled floor
2009-2010 Galleri Gösta Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Galleri B-fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Show, Art film by Maloosak, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Cooperation with animal rights organization, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Municipality Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Municipality Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Restaurant Egubi, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Galleri B-fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Show, Art film by Maloosak, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Outdoors performance, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden
Exhibition, Under Ytan
2003 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden
2003 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Nobel museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Stockholm stad, Sweden
2000  Umeå Mellenium Münchenbryggeriet , Umeå Sweden
1998  Performance, Eskelstuna, Sweden
1997 Performance Show,  Sundsvall, Sweden
1996 Performance Oslo, Norge
1995 Performance Show,  Umeå,Sweden
1994 Performance Show, Örnsköldsvik , Sweden


2012 Galleri For Art's Sake (Djursholm, Sweden)
2012 Galleri For Art's Sake (Djursholm, Sweden) at Ovesholm Castle, Sweden
2012 Galleri Vaxholms Rådhus (jurybedömd)
2010 Galleri B-fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Bukowskis, Noaks Ark, Charity Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Galleri B-fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Ålands Museum (jurybedömd)
2006 Elverket, performance, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 LILJEVALCHS, Spring exhibition, (Vårsalongen )Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden, Performance
Cooperation with the Royal Dramatic Theatre director
2005 Galleri B-fors, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Galleri Q, Gotland
2004 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, sweden
2003 Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, sweden

Public Collections
Stockholm Region, Sweden.
Fastighetsbolag AB, Stockholm Sweden.
Stockholm Advokatfirma AB, Sweden
Hotell Malmö, Sweden

Stockholm  (Kommun) County,
Pharmacy AB

Member of :
The Society of Swedish Female Artists(Svenska konstnärinnor)